Free 1:1s Coaching Session

Managers, let's talk about your 1:1s. 

For a limited time, you can book a free coaching session with one of Uptick's Co-founders.

You can use the coaching session to role-play giving feedback to direct reports, get advice or a second opinion on how to revamp your meetings or just talk through whatever is on your mind when it comes to running 1:1s with your team.

Better 1:1s. Better Relationships. Better Work.

1:1s are incredibly important, but difficult to get right. Chris and Michael have over 3 decades of combined management experience and are passionate about helping managers have better conversations and 1:1s with team members. This is your coaching session, so we'll cover whatever interests you most, but here some ideas for what we can chat about:

Michael Probert

Co-Founder & Head of Growth


Chris Zaugg

Co-Founder & CEO


✔️   How to train managers to hold effective 1:1s

✔️   How to give feedback in 1:1s

✔️  How to keep 1:1s from getting repetitive

✔️   How to equip managers with an easy to adapt and follow 1:1 structure

✔️   How to prioritize and encourage real conversations over status updates

✔️  How to leverage 1:1s for increased retention and engagement

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