Retain your best people by giving great performance reviews

85% surveyed said they would leave their job based on an unfair performance review. Be more than fair – be encouraging, specific, and develop trust with your team by enrollling in our “How to Give a Great Performance Review” course.

Introducing How to Give a Great Performance Review, our course designed to help everyone give great performance reviews, whether you’ve been doing it for 30 years or this is your first round of performance reviews ever.

What Will I Learn?

We start by breaking down the problem with performance reviews. This way the rest the course is framed around how to overcome the challenges you’re up against when trying to have effective performance reviews with your team members

  • How to identify the real problems with performance reviews
  • How to prepare for a successful round of reviews
  • How to craft the right process for performance reviews
  • How to clarify the purpose of performance reviews
  • How to actually give a great performance review
  • How to give constructive feedback without conflict
  • How to get your team to give you honest feedback

About the Performance Reviews Course

Who is this course for?

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving reviews for the first time or the for the 30th time, this course will help you make your reviews more impactful and fruitful.

Why did you create this course?

Most managers get promoted for being good at what they do and then someone up the chain says, ‘Hey it’s time for you to be a manager!’ You probably don’t get a lot of training and before you know it, it’s time for your first round of performance reviews.

When it happened to Chris, he didn’t have a clue what to do, what to ask, or how to make it a good process for his team. And it took years of trial and error to figure it out. 

We want to help other managers avoid the years of frustration and fumbling through reviews. And for the people who have been stuck, we want to help them to find a way to make performance reviews a useful and meaningful opportunity to pause and reflect – not just something you have to get through.

How does this course fit in to my company's existing reviews process?

Performance reviews, as flawed as they may be, are still a common practice. The chances are you’re still doing them at your company so we want to help you make the process something that you and your team truly benefit from, not just get through. 

This course will show you how to gain trust, build relationships, increase accountability, and have the conversations that you don’t normally have with your team.

If you’re going to have to do performance reviews anyway, this course will help you make all of the effort worth it. 

What's your background in performance reviews?

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Meet the Instructors

Uptick Co-founder and CEO Chris Zaugg has over three decades worth of experience building and managing teams. Chris is passionate about establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with his team members — and helping others do the same. He’s learned a lot over the course of his career and he’s excited to share his lessons with you.

Uptick Co-founder and CTO Michael Probert has led small teams and shares his recent experiences as a manager giving performance reviews, including the pitfalls and lessons learned along the way. He brings a lot of “team member perspective” to this course to help us remember that those being evaluated are real people worthy of giving our very best efforts to lead them.