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Have more productive and meaningful one-on-ones

Goal tracking

It’s easy to get distracted by the urgent stuff and forget about what’s important.

Uptick keeps Goals at the center of your one-on-ones so you can spot roadblocks, track progress, and see what’s derailing deadlines.


Get (and stay) on the same page as your team members.

Aligning on priorities helps keep your team on track, instead of leaving them wondering if they’re working on the right things.


Want to talk about professional development, but not sure what to ask? How do you check-in on how remote work is going?

Choose a Deck for any topic you want to talk about, and Uptick will automatically shuffle in a new question to spark fresh discussions.


Skip the brainstorming and get straight to the meeting.

Need to hit the ground running with one-on-ones for your new hires, remote teams, sales reps, and more? Uptick has Templates for every situation to help you get started — fast.

Keep your team’s virtues and values top of mind during your one-on-ones.

Managing a large team? Save time by creating a Question Set that you can add to all your one-on-ones.

Search is the easiest way to remember what you talked about last week, last month, or last year.

Uptick meets where you do. That’s why we’ve got seamless integrations with your favorite meeting apps.

“Uptick helps give me a better snapshot of how my team members are doing, and as a result, I know how to serve them better as a leader.”

Daniel Prusinski, Product Director High Performance Computing & High Performance Neural Computing, Target

1:1 Insights

Are team members having their one-on-ones? Are managers following up? Is everyone on board with the process? 1:1 Insights helps you find opportunities to support and coach the people who need it most.

Manager Dashboard

We’ve made it super easy to prepare for and run your on-on-ones. With the Manager Dashboard, you can get a quick snapshot of everything that’s coming up, plus track the goals and priorities you’ve set for your team members.

Streamline your reviews process

Uptick takes care of all your time-consuming admin when it’s review time, making the process faster and easier – for everyone.

"One of my favorite elements of Uptick is the ease in which I can generate content for quarterly and annual reviews. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can refresh myself with every conversation, celebration, and correction over any time period."

Dan Kerrigan, President, College Muscle Movers

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