Keep every one-on-one fresh — automatically

Tired of asking the same old questions in every one-on-one? Or maybe you know which topics you want to discuss, but don’t know what to ask. We get it — and that’s why we created Decks. They’re collections of questions that are organized by topic, and curated by Uptick. Each time you meet, Uptick automatically shuffles in a new question from the Deck you’ve chosen. Instead of spending your time brainstorming different questions or manually updating your one-on-ones, you can focus on what really matters: having a great conversation with your team member.

What kind of Decks can I choose from?

Lots! The current topics we have Decks for are: Productivity, Just For Fun, Personal Care, About My Role, About The Team, Sales, Marketing, New Hire, Remote, Professional Development, and Customer Service.

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