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Uptick’s curated one-on-one meeting templates help get you up and running, quickly. We’ve got everything from role specific templates to templates for new hires and remote teams. Stop spending your time brainstorming what to ask in your one-on-ones and get started quickly with our templates.

What types of templates do you have?

We’ve got you covered with templates for your new hires, remote team, customer service, sales and marketing teams. We’ve also created our take on what to cover in any one-on-one, called Uptick’s Starter Template.

Can I customize an Uptick template?

Absolutely – just select the template when setting up a one-on-one and then you can add or remove questions.

Do I have to use one of your templates?

If you already know what questions you want to ask in your one-on-ones, that’s great! Instead of using one of our templates, you can start with a blank slate when setting up your meeting and add any questions or Decks you’d like. 

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