Stop relying on your memory

Unless you’ve got a superhuman memory, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything that happens in your one-on-ones. And when it’s review time, the only stuff you do remember is what happened recently. But what about those amazing accomplishments last quarter? Or that personal development conversation a few weeks ago that you meant to follow up on (oops)! With full one-on-one history at your fingertips, everything you need is right in front of you.

Is there a limit to the amount of one-on-one history I can see/search/access?

If you’re on our Free Plan, you’ll have access to the last rolling 60 day’s worth of one-on-one history. If you’re on our Standard Plan you have access to your entire one-on-one history.

What if I start on the free plan and then upgrade, does that "unlock" my full one-on-one history?

Yup – if you upgrade to the Standard Plan you’ll automatically have access to your full one-on-one history.

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