Chick-fil-A VP and author Mark Miller on getting out of the quicksand

Do you experience the feeling of swimming in quicksand as you deal with a million issues while leading your team? In this episode Chris and Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of High Performance Leadership walk through 4 key choices leaders can make that will be game changers for you and your team.
How to ask questions you would never (or could never) ask
How do we move away from mundane, boring and unproductive one-on-ones to having dynamic, meaningful conversations? In this episode Chris explains the steps to have conversations you might never have imagined with your team members.
Leading 3 different perspectives on accountability in 1:1s
Different people respond to the need for accountability in very different ways. Some love it. Some hide from it. In this episode, Chris and Michael talk about 3 team member perspectives on accountability and how you can lead them effectively in your 1:1s.
5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #5 – disconnected from results
Performance reviews are hard, but the fact that not every area of evaluation is objective will make them harder, and even feel unfair to team members. In this episode Michael and Chris talk about ways to counter manager bias and make a review feel more balanced to the team member.
5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #4 – lack of process
Whether you work for a company who has a review process or not, as a manager you can still give a great performance review to your team. In this episode Chris looks at some ways to serve your team well with a meaningful review process.
How conflict management skills from hostage negotiators help your one on ones
No one likes dealing with conflict, but managers have no choice but to enter in. In this episode Chris summarizes a recent Uptick blog post that details the conflict management skills hostage negotiators use to diffuse high stress situations. You can use these techniques in your 1:1s to improve your team’s trust and cohesiveness.

Meet the Hosts

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Chris Zaugg

Founder and President at Uptick

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Michael Probert

Founder and Growth at Uptick