Chick-fil-A VP and author Mark Miller on getting out of the quicksand

Do you experience the feeling of swimming in quicksand as you deal with a million issues while leading your team? In this episode Chris and Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of High Performance Leadership walk through 4 key choices leaders can make that will be game changers for you and your team.
5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #3 – lack of preparation
Whether you have one team member or 10, sometimes preparing for a performance review can seem like climbing Mt. Everest. But there are strategies you can use, as Chris points out in this episode, that can help you not just have better performance reviews, but better relationships with your team.
5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #2 – lack of clear purpose
Not understanding what the organization needs from reviews is a problem. But you also need to know what your team member needs in a review. In this episode Chris shares that it reviews don’t need to serve one of the other, but can serve the team member, the manager and the organization.
5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #1 – Being too rigid
Why are we giving bad performance reviews? Why do they give both managers and team members sweaty palms? They’re uncomfortable, and no one like them. In this episode Chris shares some of his experience of being too rigid, and give some input on how to make the experience useful for both managers and their team members.
Why one-on-ones?
Everyone is doing one-on-ones, but do we really need another meeting? Can we replace them with other forms of communication? In this episode Chris revisits the “Why” behind one-on-ones, and how they can be the most important thing you can do to build a healthy, productive team.
How to be a consistent leader
It’s simple, right? Uh…not really. In this episode Chris outlines 6 important keys to being a the kind of leader people want to follow – a consistent leader.

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