Chick-fil-A VP and author Mark Miller on getting out of the quicksand

Do you experience the feeling of swimming in quicksand as you deal with a million issues while leading your team? In this episode Chris and Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of High Performance Leadership walk through 4 key choices leaders can make that will be game changers for you and your team.
Giving, not getting, is the key to your team’s success
Many management blogs talk about “getting more from your team”, but is that the right way to think about it. In this episode Michael and Chris discuss how giving TO your team, not getting FROM your team, is a more effective way to prepare your team for success.
How professional development builds your team’s success
Should I allow my team members time to develop professionally? How much initiative do THEY need to take? Will it affect my team’s productivity negatively? In this episode Michael and Chris talk about how your team’s success might depend on how you answer these questions.
How to cultivate transparency in a Zoom world
By now, most of us have experienced some version of remote work, and many find it difficult to be transparent with their team members. In this episode Michael and Chris will give you some tips on how to cultivate transparency in this new remote, Zoom world.
Make progress or take care of business?
When team members are faced with a decision between working on a goal or working on something they know they have to do as a part of their ongoing responsibilities, the urgent or necessary things crucial to the team’s success, they usually often make the right decision. In this episode we talk about that tension and how managers need to ensure their team members see the value in the work they’re doing and the role they’re filling.
Authority is earned, not bestowed
It used to be assumed that a manager had authority simply because of the title they were given. But in this episode, Michael and Chris talk about how things are different in 2021, and true authority is earned by developing credibility with the team.

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Chris Zaugg

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