Chick-fil-A VP and author Mark Miller on getting out of the quicksand

Do you experience the feeling of swimming in quicksand as you deal with a million issues while leading your team? In this episode Chris and Chick-fil-A’s Vice President of High Performance Leadership walk through 4 key choices leaders can make that will be game changers for you and your team.
How to have an effective skip-level meeting
Do you want to get to know your organization? Or would you like to tap into the knowledge and expertise of people you don’t directly manage? Skip level meetings can be a great way to do that, if you’re careful. In this episode Michael and Chris talk about some ways to make them safe and effective.
How do you handle reorganization in a small company?
In small companies, everyone knows each other and the organizational chart tends to be flatter. So how do you handle change? At Uptick, we’re going through that process now, and in this episode Michael and Chris talk about how they’re handling the challenges.
Where to start when setting meaningful goals
What is a good goal? Why is it important, and what will inspire the team members to get behind it? In this episode Michael and Chris talk about their recent experience putting together goals for the Uptick team, while in the middle of building a new goals module for Uptick customers!
Speaking the language of the people on your team
As much as we’d like everyone to communicate like we do, in order to make a real difference on our teams we need to learn how to communicate with our teammates in a language they can understand. in this episode Michael and Chris discuss the importance of adjusting our style to account for the needs of others.
Exchanging anxious questions with something actionable
When we’re going 100MPH, we are often confronted with unanswerable, uninvited questions that only bring us stress. In this episode Michael and Chris talk about how to remove the anxiety of those questions by focusing on questions we can actually answer.

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Chris Zaugg

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