Exchanging anxious questions with something actionable

Let’s Talk Teams


July 27, 2021


15 min
When we’re going 100MPH, we are often confronted with unanswerable, uninvited questions that only bring us stress. In this episode Michael and Chris talk about how to remove the anxiety of those questions by focusing on questions we can actually answer.

Show Notes:

Does my team like me? Is there someone else here that could do a better job? How am I going to get all this done? These questions often pop into our heads when we’re busy and a little stressed. Or a lot stressed.

In this episode Michael and Chris discuss how focusing on the questions you CAN answer will help you remove stress instead of adding to it.

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Let’s Talk Teams is a podcast by Uptick the one-on-one tool that helps managers and their team members change vague meetings into meaningful conversations.