5 reasons you could be giving bad performance reviews. #4 – lack of process

Let’s Talk Teams


February 2, 2022


7 min
Whether you work for a company who has a review process or not, as a manager you can still give a great performance review to your team. In this episode Chris looks at some ways to serve your team well with a meaningful review process.

Show Notes:

Many managers feel boxed in by the review processes their company requires. In this episode Chris shares some ideas that will help you comply with your company’s process while still giving your team members the kind of review that will build trust, increase productivity and take the pain out of what is often an awful experience for both team member and manager.

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Review prompts Chris mentioned in the podcast:

  • Completion of High Value Goals
    • This section relates to the projects assigned individually that add lasting value to the company as a whole. Write out each that you were assigned and describe the process you went through to achieve it, or what occurred that prevented completion.
  • Productivity and Measurable Results
    • Share about when you’ve been most productive and include when and why it’s difficult to be productive. Also, share some specifics regarding what you’ve accomplished since the last review that may have been missed in the previous section.
  • Impact on My Team
    • Teamwork is important in building a strong corporate culture. Describe the ways in which your work, your attitude, and your character have had a positive impact on your team over the last quarter.
  • Virtues & Values
    • Reflect back and note specific virtues or values that you have lived out in your work, as well as where would you like to see personal growth. Some examples are virtues such as “patience” or “compassion”, and values such as “innovation” or “excellence”.
  • Areas where I would like to grow
    • Hopefully, we’re all striving to improve ourselves personally and professionally. Share how you would like to continue or kick-start your growth in the coming quarter.
  • Ways my manager can help me
    • It is important that you understand what is expected of you, and managers can clear obstacles out of your way to help you be more productive. A thoughtful, specific response will help your manager know how to support you well.

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