How conflict management skills from hostage negotiators help your one on ones

Let’s Talk Teams


January 28, 2022


10 min
No one likes dealing with conflict, but managers have no choice but to enter in. In this episode Chris summarizes a recent Uptick blog post that details the conflict management skills hostage negotiators use to diffuse high stress situations. You can use these techniques in your 1:1s to improve your team’s trust and cohesiveness.

Show Notes:

If you feel out of your depth when navigating conflict, consider turning to the experts: hostage negotiators. These professionals have mastered the art of defusing conflict when it’s literally life-or-death. In this episode Chris summarizes the topic and adds some insight as to how to use your one on ones to both mitigate conflict and deal with it as it happens.

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Book referred to in this episode:Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

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