Take the "work" out of reviews

Performance reviews can be stressful for everyone – but they don’t have to be. Uptick saves you hours of admin time and takes the hassle out of the entire process by helping you remember the big and small moments that happened in your one-on-ones along the way. And all of the reminders, approvals and due dates? We’ll handle those for you too.

The worst part of reviews is all the prep work! How can Uptick help me with that?

We totally get it! Uptick handles all your prep work when it comes to reviews. We send out review forms, collect team member self-evaluations, share them with the manager, and then send them on for approval. We even take care of the reminders to let team members know when their evaluations are due, and reminders to managers when they need to submit their reviews.

I need to know who has/hasn’t submitted their reviews, is this possible?

Yup – the Reviews Cycles page makes it easy to see where everyone is in the review process at a glance.

I work in HR and need to be able to approve reviews for multiple managers and teams, can I do that?

Absolutely! Each manager review will be sent to their manager for approval before it’s shared with the team member. We base this off your org chart, but you can easily change who approves reviews. 

Do reviews have to be annual? Or can I have them biannually/quarterly/etc.?

It’s easy to set up a custom review cycle. Here at Uptick, we find it’s helpful to do reviews quarterly so that our team is consistently giving and receiving feedback.

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