All your one-on-one info — in one place

As a manager, you wear lots of different hats every day. The Uptick dashboard helps you stay on track (and stay sane) by keeping your admin, one-on-one history, and team member info in one place, so everything is just a few clicks away when you need it.

What if I lead a team of managers? Can I see the goals and priorities they’ve set for their team?

Sure – you’ll see goals and priorities set (as well as progress made) for the team members of anyone who reports to you. This is great for making sure everyone is one the same page, and that the goals and priorities set by your team members for their team members are in line with what you’ve talked about

What can I see on the dashboard?

You can see your performance review cycle and upcoming one-on-one schedule, as well as weekly snapshots of your team’s progress on their goals and priorities.

Can I filter by individual team members?

Yup – you can view your team as a whole, or see specific team members.

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