Get deeper insights into your company's one-on-ones

Are people actually having their one-on-ones? Are your team members and managers getting on board with the process? With Uptick you can answer these questions at a glance. 1:1 Insights helps you spot opportunities to coach and support the people who need it.

What can I see on the 1:1 insights page?

1:1 Insights it easy to identify where the one-on-one process might be falling off at your company. You can easily see the number of one-on-ones scheduled > the number of one-on-ones team members shared responses for > the number of team member responses that were read by the manager > the number of one-on-ones completed. So, for example, if you notice that the majority of one-on-ones being scheduled don’t have team member responses, you can hone in on helping team members contribute to their one-on-one.

What’s the time range for these metrics?

You can filter by the last 45 days, last 90 days, or last 12 months.

Can I drill down further into these metrics?

Yup – you can see all the metrics listed above broken out by manager, and then by manager plus their individual team members.

I need a quick way to see who hasn’t set up one-on-ones yet – can I do that?

Absolutely – you can see the total number of team members who don’t have active one-on-ones set up, and more specifically which managers still need to set up one-on-ones for people on their teams.

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