Give your memory a break

Need quick access to one-on-one histories, private notes, or your team members goals and priorities? With Uptick, you can find everything you need – without having to rely on your memory or wasting hours of time frantically digging through notes, emails, and spreadsheets.

Is there a limit to how far back I can search?

If you’re on the Free Plan you can search a rolling 60 days of history. The Standard Plan has access to your entire one-on-one history.

Can I use this for reviews?

Yes – in fact, we encourage it! This feature literally saves people HOURS of time when it comes to reviews. Instead of trying to remember what happened over the past year, quarter, or week, or digging through piles of spreadsheets/emails/notes, all the context and content you need is a few clicks away in Uptick. 

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