Work on the right things at the right time

Priorities help you and your team stay on the same page as you work together. Setting priorities in your one-on-ones helps ensure that you and your team are in alignment about what’s most important.

How do I see the progress made on Priorities?

A couple of ways – you can see progress on priorities in each individual one-on-one, or on the “My 1:1s Page”. Or, you can use our Search feature to filter by specific team members to see how your conversations on their priorities have how progressed week to week. You can also use the Manager Dashboard for a quick snapshot of the priorities that were set and which weeks progress was or wasn’t made on them.

How do Priorities work in Uptick?

Priorities are led by the team member, not the manager. This gives the team member a chance to come with their intentions and then the manager and team member work together to refine them during the one-on-one. 

First, your team member is asked to enter the priorities they plan to accomplish between now and your next one-on-one. Then you look over the priorities your team member put together. Next, you both talk through the priorities during your one-on-one. This is your opportunity to weigh in and clarify expectations for what to accomplish next. Fast forward, when it’s time for your next one-on-one, your team member will reflect on how focusing on those priorities went before setting new priorities and starting the cycle over again.

Do I have to include Priorities in a one-on-one?

Nope – your one-on-one is totally customizable. You can tailor it to you and your team members’ needs.

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