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Uptick keeps your team member’s goals at the forefront of every one-on-one so you can track progress and identify any roadblocks. With greater transparency and accountability, you can build trust and forward momentum – without having to manually keep track of everything.

How do I see the progress made on Goals?

A couple of ways – you can use the Manager Dashboard for a quick snapshot of the goals that were set and which weeks progress was or wasn’t made on them. Or you can use our Search feature to filter by specific team members to see how your conversations on their goals have how progressed week to week. 

How do Goals work in a one-on-one?

Once you or your team member add goals to your meeting, they’ll be automatically pulled into your one-on-ones. Then, your team member can record which goals they have or haven’t made progress on each time you meet so you can talk about what’s working or where they might need some help.

Do I have to include Goals in a one-on-one?

Nope – your one-on-one is totally customizable. You can tailor it to you and your team members’ needs.

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