Update multiple one-on-ones — at the same time

If you’re meeting with a lot of team members each week, you know how frustrating (and time consuming) it can be when you have to update the same question in all of your one-on-ones. Question Sets make creating and updating your questions a breeze, and they’re perfect for managers of larger teams. Create a group of questions you want to ask in all of your one-on-ones and then save them as a Question Set. Going forward, any change you make to the Set will be updated across all of the one-on-ones using that Set.

If I make an update to one of the questions in my Set, do I have to manually update it in every one-on-one using that Set?

Nope – that’s the beauty of Sets. You can make the update once, in one spot, and have the change automatically update across every one-on-one.

Can I create more than one Set?

Sure – you can create as many different Sets as you’d like and swap them out in your one-on-ones whenever you need.

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