What We Believe

What we believe at Uptick directly influences what we create, how we relate our customers, and how we operate as a company. It’s important! So, we’re sharing it with you:

We believe that every person is created with a unique set of gifts and abilities, and that they deserve to work in a place that is fulfilling, safe, productive and encouraging. They should know what’s expected of them and should have the proper resources available to meet those expectations. A place to love and be loved. A place to serve and be served. A place to know and be known. A place that develops them, celebrates them and provides the platform for them to be their best selves doing their best work.

Our Story

Instead of creating an “About Us” page, we thought we’d tell you the story of how all this got started!

A few years ago, we made the jump from annual reviews to more frequent 1:1s that helped us follow up on the specific projects each employee was responsible to complete. We setup monthly 1:1s and planned to have more ad-hoc catch-ups along the way to make sure everyone was growing personally, professionally and that the important things were being done. But the same things kept happening:

  • Lower performers got the majority of attention 
  • Project blockers surfaced too late in the process
  • High performers were left alone to run but weren’t being invested in
  • When review time came around it took far too long to recount what actually happened

The urgent things bubbled to the top and demanded our focus while the important things – things that would make a tangible difference in our company – were always on our minds but never quite made it to the front burner. Setting up a process to dedicate investment into the high performers felt like a ton of work, and no one wanted to put a bunch of time into setting up a system that wouldn’t likely be used.

When it was time for evaluations, we would look back at the previous 3 months to see how employees performed on their assigned projects. We also evaluated  how they were functioning as a team member. It didn’t take us long to realize it was crazy hard to think back on one week for one employee let alone 3 months (or 12.. yikes) for 10+ employees!

Taking notes in a Google Doc or Notepad or Post-Its just wasn’t sustainable and leds to realizations like this:

“Oh, that project got derailed 3 weeks ago? Did Jason tell me that? Should I have known that?”

Sure, we had developed a better methodology, but we realized what painfully obvious: we needed better tools

Physician, Heal Thyself

We had the same problem everyone else had – even though we have a CEO who was passionate about his staff! Keeping our managers and employees in sync was a nightmare. We set lofty goals and then let less important tasks distract us from the most important stuff. Or worse, we totally forgot about the important stuff. Then, we acted like we were surprised when we missed the mark.

To add to the agony, when performance reviews came around we gave vague, meaningless feedback that did nothing to improve this cycle of frustration.  Nobody was happy. Employees felt like  managers did’t know what they did (or what they were supposed to do), and managers felt like staff were underperforming.

Uptick has clarified the mess by reminding us about what is important.

We hope it will do the same for you, too! Our user-friendly process guides you through helping employees know what you expect of them, how obstacles can be addressed and how they can “win” every day at work. And in the end, you will have gathered real-time content that you can use during the review process to evaluate your staff and help them grow.

We created it because of our itch. We hope it scratches yours!

Our Values

More than a profit. More than a product.

  • Whether we are serving our current or prospective customers, interacting with people in the workplace or developing user-centric software, we’re all about people. We honor others. We serve others. We sincerely love others.

Keeping it real.

  • Whether we’re talking about the relationships with our teams, our customers or even in the way we look at building Uptick, encouraging transparent, honest relationships is at our core. When we have conflict we don’t let it fester. And we don’t run from it, but we confront it with respect with a desire to come to agreement, not victory.

Transformation starts with us.

  • We’re on a mission to make work great. Everyone deserves to spend the lion’s share of their day in a supportive, honest, and fulfilling environment, and we work hard to see that type of culture built into as many teams as we can influence. Starting with ours.

Living things grow.

  • In our personal lives, our professional lives or in the lives of our customers, we try to provide resources and time for growth. Education is a huge part of that, and we’ll make the effort to do whatever we can to facilitate the process.

Courage is a decision, not a feeling.

  • We applaud those who take a risk, step out into the game and take a swing.