Learn how to give good feedback and start the hard conversations without losing trust.

Performance reviews are hard. If you need a hand getting them on the right track, we’ll show you how to talk about the hard things, how to prepare, and make your next round of performance reviews something that brings you closer to your team.

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Performance reviews are probably the highest-risk meeting you’ll ever have with an employee, which is why they’re vital to get right. Check out our guide for actionable tips and tricks to help you — and your team — get the most out of performance reviews. Plus, we’ve included a Performance Review template that’s simple to use, backed by research and has been tested in 80+ performance reviews.

A performance review guide to help you:

✔ Set goals for each review

✔ Ask the right questions

✔ Limit uncertainty 

✔ Save time

“Uptick has completely transformed our one-on-ones by providing a user-friendly check-in platform that allows managers to stay attuned to their direct reports.”

Laura Forsell, Vice President, Programs & Operations, Special Olympics Arizona