It’s tempting to hire someone like me

Let’s Talk Teams


July 6, 2021


14 min
We’ve been looking to hire some new people at Uptick, and we realized it’s easy to look for people we can easily relate to – people like….us! In this episode Michael and Chris talk about how that to build an effective team, we need people with a multitude of gifts, abilities and personality types to round things out.

Show Notes:

We tend to be drawn to people who are like us, but when hiring for a team, we need to find people who have gifts and abilities that compliment each other. That means looking for different types of personalities with different skills. But there is one important caveat – the things we care about and the way we relate to our teammates needs to be the consistent foundation of whatever we build on top of it. On that we need to have agreement.

In this episode Michael and Chris talk through their current thoughts as they look to hire some new people for Uptick.

Look for a future podcast mentioned in this episode: “Share what you can with who you can” by Uptick

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