Announcing a New Podcast from Uptick

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Uptick’s podcast, Let’s Talk Teams.

Let’s Talk Teams is a weekly podcast hosted by Uptick Co-founders Chris Zaugg and Michael Probert inviting listeners to take a peek behind the curtain at the conversations being had — and lessons being learned — as the Uptick team continues to grow, evolve and adapt. In addition to sharing how we manage and grow teams at Uptick, Chris and Michael interview podcast guests to uncover new and different insights from managers who are building great teams.

Meet the hosts

Uptick Co-founder and President Chris Zaugg has over three decades worth of experience building and managing teams. Chris is passionate about establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with his team members — and helping others do the same. He’s learned a lot over the course of his career and he’s excited to share his lessons with Let’s Talk Teams’ listeners.

Uptick Co-founder and Head of Growth Michael Probert brings his experience being both a team lead and individual contributor, to give Let’s Talk Team listeners thought-provoking insights and observations from both perspectives. He’s a strong believer that people want to do things that matter and that a leader’s responsibility to demonstrate to team members that their work matters. He wants to help managers learn how to build trust, establish credibility and have meaningful and productive conversations with their team members.

How you can listen

You can listen to the Let’s Talk Teams podcast on the Uptick website or you can subscribe and listen on the following podcast platforms:

Some episodes to check out

Building an Effective 1:1 Meeting With Your Team: Building an effective 1:1 meeting is a collaborative effort. In this episode, Chris and Michael talk about ways to engage both managers and their teams in the process, so both get the benefit of a meaningful meeting.

Working Remote — Pitfalls and Opportunities: How do you avoid some of the classic mistakes of leading a remote team? COVID-19 is making us all learn how to do it on the fly. In this episode Michael and Chris discuss how you can avoid these mistakes and take advantage of the opportunity.

How Trust and Truth Build a Great Team: Do you want to build a great team? In this episode Chris talks with Erik Johnson, the CFO of the Americas for Boardriders, Inc. talks about his journey to leadership, and how trust and truth are the key elements of building a great team.

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