Announcing: All new goal tracking in Uptick

Goal Tracking Announcement

Reading Time: 5 minutes We’re excited to announce that we’ve completely overhauled goal tracking in Uptick and its ready for you to use today! When we set out to build our goal tracking tools, we didn’t want just another basic goals tool. We wanted something that would help us with our own goal tracking. Like many managers, we’ve struggled […]

3 Professional Development Plan Templates

3 Professional Development Templates for Your One-on-Ones Cover Image

Reading Time: 6 minutes If reducing employee turnover and increasing engagement are a concern for your company, then you need to have professional development plans. Research shows that a lack of advancement opportunities is one of the primary reasons people quit their jobs. Conversely, companies that emphasize career development rank much higher for employee engagement. What is a professional […]

5 One-On-One Meeting Templates for Effective Managers

One-on-one templates cover

Reading Time: 7 minutes One-on-one meeting templates create a solid foundation for more effective check-ins with your team members. As a manager, one-on-ones are among your most powerful tools for effectively communicating with your team. They let you align on big-picture goals, keep an eye on employee engagement and connect with your team. We’ve put together 5 one-on-one meeting […]

How to Be A Good Manager, According to 7 Team Leads

Reading Time: 9 minutes Asking “how to be a good manager” is a lot like asking “how to be a good person” in that there isn’t a single right answer that applies to everybody. That’s truer now than ever before, when our rapidly evolving world and work culture are changing the very definition of what it means to be […]

Best Management Articles for New Managers, According to Managers

Reading Time: 7 minutes We’ve gathered a list of the best management articles for new managers, as recommended by managers with years of experience supporting a variety of teams. The articles we’ve included provide key takeaways and action items so new managers can feel confident in their roles and quickly build rapport with their teams. Consider this list your […]

How to Manage People Who Don’t Like You

Reading Time: 5 minutes Managers are responsible for managing people, which means it’s important that you form a relationship with your team members. But as with all relationships, sometimes you fall in love, and sometimes you simply can’t stand each other. According to a 2019 study conducted by DDI, 57% of employees leave because of their manager — and […]

Conflict Management Skills Managers Can Learn From Hostage Negotiators

Reading Time: 9 minutes Almost no one likes dealing with conflict at work (unless you’re a professional wrestler or a trial lawyer). But for managers, conflict resolution is part of the job description. Despite this, few managers feel confident in their conflict management skills. (In our 2020 survey of managers, only 6.3% said they felt “very prepared” to deal […]

6 Buddy Program Do’s and Don’ts

Reading Time: 6 minutes Buddy programs have become a staple of many companies’ onboarding experiences because they eliminate that “new kid at school” feeling by helping new hires connect with and feel supported by their fellow team members as they adjust to their new roles. When Microsoft piloted their 600-member buddy program they discovered that 56% of new team […]

How to Manage Managers and Bring Out Their Best Skills

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to knowing how to manage managers, you need to recognize that middle managers play a special role in your company. One of the challenges middle managers face is that they have to be both followers and leaders: One second they’re directing their team, and the next they’re reporting to upper management. Harvard […]

How Managers Can Promote Self-Management Skills For Their Team

Reading Time: 5 minutes It may seem strange for a manager to encourage their team to develop self-management skills, but it’s actually a win-win situation. When your team members have strong self-management skills, they feel empowered to own their decisions and take charge of their personal career development. For managers, this means being able to put more energy into […]