How Managers Can Promote Self-Management Skills For Their Team

Reading Time: 5 minutes It may seem strange for a manager to encourage their team to develop self-management skills, but it’s actually a win-win situation. When your team members have strong self-management skills, they feel empowered to own their decisions and take charge of their personal career development. For managers, this means being able to put more energy into […]

What Are Skip-Level Meetings, and How Do you Make Them Worthwhile?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The traditional office structure gives senior managers an air of mystique: They’re busy running different aspects of the business, so they meet with other senior managers to get high-level updates from each department. Those other senior managers get their information from the managers under them, and those managers funnel their direct teams’ opinions. But what […]

How to Make Leadership Coaching a Management Practice (And Why You Should)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Leadership coaching is traditionally geared toward managers because they lead teams. The problem with reserving leadership coaching only for people who are already in higher-level positions is that aspiring leaders don’t get the coaching they need to move into management. In the US, 98% of managers are disappointed in the training they receive, and many […]

Assume Positive Intent for a More Effective Team

Reading Time: 6 minutes To assume positive intent means to choose to believe the best of people and trust that they have good intentions. This isn’t just a vague “good vibes only” mantra that shies away from actual challenges. It’s a psychologically-backed tactic — the simple act of assuming positive intent leads to happier and more effective teams. We’ve […]

Best Management Books for Common Leadership Challenges: The 2021 Edition

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you Google “best management books,” you’ll get thousands of results that may or may not address your particular leadership challenge. To help you out, we’ve done the research for you and categorized 15 of the best management books by common challenges that managers face. Take a look at our top picks to help you […]

4 Ways to Share Ownership of One-on-One Meetings

Reading Time: 5 minutes According to a recent internal study conducted by Microsoft, the shift to remote work has resulted in 18% more one-on-one meetings. With the increase in one-on-ones, it’s more important than ever to make sure the time spent in those meetings is valuable for both managers and team members. “It turns out that the one on […]

4 Psychologically-Backed Ways to Motivate Employees

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s no shortage of advice roundups of different ways to motivate employees. The problem isn’t the quantity of information — it’s the quality. Lots of articles can advise you on how to motivate people. But psychology can tell you which tactics the human brain actually responds to. While advice from other managers can be helpful, […]

13 Leadership Videos To Help You Craft Your Leadership Style

Reading Time: 6 minutes Managers look for leadership videos about improving their bottom line. Leaders seek out content that can help them become the type of person (and manager) team members want to follow. If you’re looking for the latter, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of 13 leadership videos that will help you grow as […]

Let’s Radically Rethink Year-End Reviews

Reading Time: 5 minutes If the prospect of giving year-end reviews is filling you with more than the usual amount of dread, you can blame 2020. How can we talk about our teams’ performance like it was a normal year, ignoring the toll taken by a global pandemic and a grueling news cycle? Tracking your team’s success based on […]

A Soft Skills Training Plan for 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes Every year, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) asks corporate recruiters about the qualifications they look for in potential employees. And every year, the list is topped by so-called “soft skills.” Soft skills are the qualities that describe someone’s behavior and attitude at work. They stand in contrast to “hard skills,” which describe the specific […]