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Let’s Talk Teams


March 31, 2020


41 min
Every company starts somewhere, and often it starts with a passionate belief about a problem they observe, or perhaps even a problem they themselves experience. And that’s definitely true of Uptick. In this episode Chris and Michael talk about what we believe at Uptick and how it shapes the product we’re building.

Show Notes:

In 2009 Simon Sinek electrified the business community with his “Golden Circle” illustration during a TED talk. He proposed that people were more motivated by the values and the “why” of the companies they patronized than they were by the “what”. 

We’re often asked how and why we got started building Uptick. If you’ve done any reading on our website you probably know some of the story, but the real story of Uptick starts with how we think about people and how we think about work. 

Here are the Uptick “We Believe” statements we referenced in the podcast:

  • We believe that all people are inherently valuable and are therefore imbued with dignity and purpose. 
  • We believe that every person is completely unique, and that the gifts and abilities they bring to work should be acknowledged and given room to blossom. 
  • We believe that all people are created to work, and no matter where or how they live that out, working with energy, excellence and passion is part of living out our purpose
  • We believe that the hours spent at work should generally be happy, focused, affirming and energizing. 
  • We believe that collaboration, not authority, is the best way to characterize a growing, productive and healthy team.
  • We believe a manager’s chief duty is to support and encourage their team. 
  • We believe that great management makes for great companies, and that employees thrive where managers thrive. 
  • We believe that employees deserve to understand the clear expectations of their managers. 
  • We believe that employees and managers alike should be challenged and given the opportunity to grow. 

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Simon Sinek’s TED talk 

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