Boost productivity,
increase trust, and have a happier team in just 6 weeks

Boost productivity,
increase trust, and have a happier team in just 6 weeks

Uptick’s one-on-one software makes it easy to have fresh, meaningful conversations that build great working relationships with your team. Guaranteed, or your money back!

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“Getting our agency up and running on Uptick has been a real game changer! Uptick is helping us build better habits in how we check in and talk transparently about what the most important priorities are for each person and each team.”

Tony Fraga, CEO Direct Development

It's harder than ever to feel connected to your team.

Now that we’re all working remotely its even more challenging to prioritize and have productive one-on-ones.

Uptick helps you have conversations that go beyond status updates and keep you connected with your team — even when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

Here's how one-on-ones usually go...

...and here's how we make them better.

Say goodbye to repetitive one-on-ones.

Great one-on-one conversations don’t always come naturally, and it’s easy for conversations to stall when you’re not sure what to talk about.

With Uptick’s curated question Decks, you can eliminate the guesswork and find out how your team members really feel.

Conversations are better with context.

Stop having to rely on scattered emails and spreadsheets to remember what you talked about in your last one-on-one.

With Uptick, all of your one-on-one content is kept in one, easily searchable place. Making it easier than ever to build — and maintain — momentum with your one-on-one conversations.

Uptick also helps with...

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Ready to use templates

Discover the fast track to better one-on-one meetings with Uptick’s Templates

Get up and running quickly with questions that are as unique as the people you’re talking to. Our resource library includes ready-to-use, fully customizable templates that suit every member of your team.

Why choose Uptick?

We’re helping managers lead with confidence and transform their teams.

“Uptick has been the most important tool added to my “managerial toolbelt” in the last 5 years. I now have complete confidence that my — and other managers’ — one-on-ones contain every necessary ingredient for successful and meaningful meetings. The level of trust within our team has never been higher, and that’s in large part thanks to Uptick.”

Dan Kerrigan, President College Muscle Movers

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