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Uptick helps you have meaningful conversations during 1-on-1's instead of just more status updates.

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Are you holding your team back?

As a manager, it’s your job to guide the team — but you can’t make every decision. Uptick fixes your one on one meetings so both you and your team can focus on what’s important.

Build trust that goes both ways in just 20 minutes per week, per employee.

What you can do with Uptick

red pulse

Take the pulse of your company

Listen to your team, make decisions, and remove roadblocks—in just 1 meeting a week.


Clarify expectations

Set priorities with each team member so they know where to focus.


Speed up your team

Discover what’s slowing people down and help them get back on track.

Fast paced teams use Uptick


My team has been sharing things with me that they never mentioned before. Uptick has given my team a place to share openly about what's going on day-to-day.

Dan Kerrigan<br><font color="787878"   size="12px">College Muscle Movers</font>
Dan Kerrigan
College Muscle Movers

Take the pulse of your company

Holding a meeting isn’t enough. You have to know which questions to ask. Uptick gives you tried-and-true questions, backed by research, that uncover what’s really going on.



Use Uptick to create priorities alongside team members. They’ll feel heard, and soon, you’ll spot patterns in employee performance and culture. When priorities shift, both you and your team will know.


Speed up your team

Your team is busy, but are they performing at their peak? Uptick streamlines your 1:1s by asking the right questions at the right time. All you have to do is follow the prompts.

Take the anxiety out of performance reviews

Uptick helps you create performance reviews with content from past check-ins. It’s about collaboration and celebration, not surprise.


Perfect for Slack Teams

Let your team update you where they’re already working.

  • Add talking points for your next check-in
  • Jot down progress in real time
  • Be reminded of top priorities during the week

Perfect for Slack Teams

  • Keep priorities on top of mind using reminders
  • Automated reminders for your team to fill out their check-in
  • Add a talking point for your next check-in without leaving Slack
  • Add a note about someone when they give you an update – right from Slack

Thanks to weekly check-ins, I knew what my manager wanted to see and he saw what I was getting done. Sometimes goals set at the beginning of a quarter were adjusted out of necessity, but we did that together so neither of us was surprised at performance review time.

Kyle Anderson<br><font color="787878"   size="12px">OPIN Systems</font>
Kyle Anderson
OPIN Systems

What our customers are saying

Uptick is a great way to streamline check-ins with my team. It helps me manage multiple 1:1s every week with ease. It also gave the team common language to discuss priorities, goals and opportunities for improvement.

Amanda Janssen
Rêve Academy

What really inspires people is a personal, authentic, one-on-one connection. That's what Uptick helps with. It helps you hold better, more productive conversations. It truly makes our business more human.

Anthony Deloso

Getting transparent conversations between managers and employees is really hard to do. Uptick starts a process that will change things. Now I know what my manager wants to see and he knows what I’m getting done.

Kyle Anderson
OPIN Systems

Your employees deserve a plan. Build it together with Uptick.

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