Leading differently depending on the size of your company
In this episode Chris chats with Mitch Moeller, CEO of Corvida Medical. Mitch talks about his transition from being a professional engineer to being a leader, and how his leadership has changed as he moved from a large organization to a startup. Look for his comments regarding “habituation” at 15:45 – great stuff!
4 tips for adjusting to work in a COVID world
The remote work culture that has mushroomed during COVID-19 has raised the stress levels of almost everyone. In this episode, Chris lays out 4 tips to help make work life manageable in what feels like an unmanageable world.
What to do if you’re unhappy with your 1:1 meetings
Who owns our 1:1? What makes the time valuable for the manager, or the team member? In this short podcast, Michael goes solo and gives a few tips on how to improve the quality of 1:1s for both people in the meeting.
Do more than read the words in your 1-1. Look for the meaning.
All too often managers and team members want to “get through” their 1:1s, and they simply read what’s been written by the team member. Chris shares how what’s REALLY important is trying to understand the meaning behind the words, and then applying insight and asking great questions when you meet together.
How your 1:1s can rebuild the trust you lost
Trust is crucial to building a great team, but it’s much harder to rebuild trust once it’s been lost. In this episode, Chris shares some of his own difficult experiences, and points out some ideas managers can use to get their team back to enjoying a healthy environment.
In defense of meaningful performance reviews. (Hint: It takes some work.)
All too often performance reviews are done because it’s corporate policy, not because they are helpful. Michael and Chris discuss why a meaningful performance review are can be a powerful tool for both managers and team members, and how we can think creatively to turn a review on its head.
Remote work and the perception of productivity
Do you know if you’re being productive? And why do many of us feel less productive when working remotely? In this episode, Michael and Chris talk with Uptick Solutions Engineer Joel Slotman about how 1:1s helped sort it all out.